Cricket API Pricing and Features

Cricket API is very useful when it comes to the development of a real-time cricket score app development or cricket live stream website design. 

Cricket API is a data feed solution which incorporates huge data about each and every aspect of the cricket arena such as live match score updates, team and players, comprehensive stats with ball by ball, match highlights and much more pulled from IPL, International matches, domestic plays, etc.

Simply, it is a power-pack umbrella to kick start a live cricket score business for your customers. In fact, the cricket fans are super-excited with cricket details when they get before anyone else. 

There are a lot of cricket api for free (available) in the market but for a limited period with limited features. However the beginners (the developers and community) can go-with-the free trial version to see the APIs function and features in real time. 

After the end of the free trial, they have to pay the basic sum in order to continue the cricket api services from the provider. 

In the context of cricket api pricing, cricket api pricing varies from provider to provider. Each data provider has their own pricing models and APIs features due to competitiveness.  

Since the competition increases, this unlocks the flexible pricing models based on the requirement of the APIs and credits for the needy ones. 

Following are some brilliant Cricket API service provider with great features and support: 

  • CricTez Cricket Live Line API 
  • Roanuz Cricket API 
  • Cric API
  • Rapid API for Cricket

Well, what is included in the cricket api based on the pricing models? 

Honestly, each cricket api pricing is different compared to other business entities. But the most common feature involved is API request (and that also varies in terms of pricing). 

For instance, if you need an API for Match Endpoints (that is called API request) which might include featured matches API, match over summary API, Match API, and Ball-by-Ball API have different pricing models. 

And that goes the same for the ‘Association Endpoints’, ‘Tournament Endpoints’, and ‘Fantasy Endpoints’.

CricTez Cricket Live Line API 

Cricket Live Line is a new path-breaking technology that can be used by developers to entertain their cricket fandoms with faster live cricket score updates than live TV. 

CricTez Cricket Live Line api is a superfast and industry-leading fastest api for live cricket score. Get superfast scores, ball-by-ball updates with real-time scoreboards, score updates with voice commentary for visualizing the experience, and more. Cricket live line api fast and accurately gets score before live match on TV.

Our Cricket live line api procure immense data and give you complete coverage of all International cricket and domestic cricket, World Cup, Champions Trophy, IPL, T20, and other cricket tournaments


CricTez offers Cricket Live Line API single-plans for all your cricket needs. Click here to get started…! 

The pricing isn’t very competitive but gives you complete freedom to access any Cricket API directly in the XML and JSON format. 

API Pricing Specifications: 

  • Package Name – Cricket Live Line
  • Subscription Period – 30 Days
  • Price – INR 24975 ($333)
  • Payment Mode – Online 

Note: You can get started with 7 days of trials without paying a single fee. 


  • Real Time Live Scores
  • Extensive Statistics
  • Huge Coverages
  • Easy API Integration
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Bespoke Support
  • Always Live 
Start With 7 Days Free-Trial 

Join the CricTez Family..! Experience the superfast and 100% accurate data feed solutions for your business. Get the extensive coverage details with tutorials and live support directly from the CricTez experts. 

Our Mission:

“To provide developers as well as needy Cricket API seekers with reliable and  fastest Cricket API Solutions at pocket-friendly cost”

Our Vision: 

“To see ourselves as a leading and trustworthy Sports Data API Solution Service Provider across the globe ”

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