How much does it cost to develop an app like Cricket Live Line?

The Emergence of Sports Website & Mobile Apps

Imagine the world without smartphones, ponder your life as it is now! 

“No way! I would die falling into agory” Mee too 🙂 

Smartphones are very important and it is like bread and butter for us, we simply can’t passout a day-night without having such a gadget. 

Smartphones today have adroitly assumed control over the conventional PCs and tablets, and are turning out to be increasingly more adaptable as time passes.

With such great increments each day, the mobile app industry is receiving a natural upsurge.

That is why mobile apps are ruling in every business sector as well as sports and entertainment verticals. 

In sports, games like cricket and football (and others) are very popular worldwide and therefore have an uncounted number of fans. Generally, their fans sustain them; their satisfaction is their top most priority. 

Using technology such as sports websites and sports applications will improve the match day experience and take fanfare of the game and the team to a whole new state.

In Cricket, the community is very up to the facts and constantly searching for ways to entertain their fans and their teams. They use mobile apps and sports websites to stick with the fans, update with upcoming sessions, live scores, match highlights, and much more. 

Additionally, these websites and mobile apps also offer you complete cricket match experience while illustrating live score updates, live commentary, ball-by-ball stats, team lineups, historic match data, trending session updates, etc.

And all these happen through a path-breathing technology called Cricket Live Line. Therefore, this is the reason why many people love watching live cricket matches on mobile devices instead on TVs.

What is the Cricket Live Line? 

Cricket Live Line is a path-breathing technology that uses intelligent APIs to show cricket content such as live match scores, highlights, past data, leaderboard, live commentary, etc. faster than TV.

Yes, you heard that right – faster than television.

Live Line means the data can be transmitted more quickly by using a fast and reliable service, so you can get results much earlier than in a live TV show.

Furthermore, there are many enterprises and sports brands that use this technology to stay competitive in the market and sustain audience satisfaction. 

Are you the one looking to build your own cricket, mobile cricket app to display real-time data? Then you need a reliable and accurate sports data feed provider like CricTez is the best option because it is fast, reliable, and inexpensive, and can be used for building all kinds of cricket’s website or mobile app.

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This blog covers all the necessary information you need to know about Cricket live line. How does it work? And what are the benefits. Also know the cost to develop an app like cricket live line.

How Does the Cricket Live Line work?

Whether it’s a live cricket score website or a mobile application, the cricket live line technology works utmostly similarly. 

When you decide to make a website that features an extensive sports data feed niche to the audience, their cricket live line api is extremely necessary. 

A Cricket live line API is a programming interface that holds complete cricket data in a programming language. The data is written in the various technology stacks which can be easily decoded and used using supportive technology platforms.

I’ve scripted the formal ways (methods) by which you can understand how cricket score updates on live cricket score applications. 

  • The scores are put away in the memory storage called data sets (database in computer language). Every single section will be unique. Every data set will have further entities called tables which each can contain like bowling stats, batting details, strike rates, run rates and so on.
  • This data is extracted using a back end (server side) programming language. Generally these languages are Python, PHP etc.
  • Now the decoded data is shown using a front end (client side) language on the UI of the application. Generally this is HTML along with CSS and Javascript and maybe other technologies involved as well.
  • The database gets updated frequently, for example in two or five seconds. This helps show new scores on the screen of the app whenever it refreshes (most live cricket score apps refresh automatically). 
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Types of Sports Cricket Live Line Website & Mobile App

As of this time, each sports industry has their own website and mobile apps too. 

If someone likes playing cricket and is a big fan of Virat Kholi, he or she can find the official live cricket website and apps for android and iOS to watch a live Cricket match. And similarly for other sports industries. 

One of the most popular sports in India and around the world is Cricket and using cricket live streaming website one can easily stream their favourite cricket matches live right from smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. This means you don’t even need to switch on TV, as you have the on-the-go mode option. 

There are many websites that offer live cricket streaming function to watch online and be updated with the latest scores and results.

  • Hotstar
  • SonyLiv
  • Sky Sports
  • Cricbuzz

Using a live cricket streaming website, the cricket fandom can easily watch cricket matches live on any digital device with a consistent network connection. 

Additionally, this website hosts many live cricket matches such as domestic cricket matches, IPL, T-20, World Cup Series, BPL, and Test Matches which are currently ongoing. 

1) Hotstar

  • It broadcasts all international cricket matches and tournaments.
  • Graphic and Visual quality adjustment options available.
  • Videos and analysis of previous matches and players are also available.
  • You can also subscribe at minimal to watch live matches to the website and mobile app.

2) SonyLIV

  • You can watch live cricket matches by exploring the sports channel on the app.
  • Many modes are available on this website to improve the live stream experience.
  • The picture quality on SonyLIV is impressive.

3) Sky Sports

  • Multiple sporting events are available on Sky Sports.
  • Check multiple sports analysis and updates on sporting events.
  • International matches and updates are also available.


  • Watch all domestic Indian cricket matches live.
  • On the website, you can check all fixtures and stats
  • A huge historic match analysis is presented.

5) Cricbuzz

  • Check the statistics on players and matches on this website.
  • Grab the latest cricket news around the world.
  • On this website, domestic match updates are also present.

Similarly, on the off chance, the sports fans can also look at these live stream website and mobile apps for their favourite sports like racing league, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Wrestling, etc. 

Top popular Sports Website & Mobile Apps like Cricket Line Guru

Cricket Line Guru

Cricket Line Guru is a cricket app, live cricket match score streaming application available for Android and iOS platforms. Through the app, the user can easily check live cricket score updates, ongoing matches highlights, fast live line updates, and much more. 

Cricket Line Guru is an extremely popular cricket live line website that hosts matches and shows real-time instant live cricket scores of all international and other cricket league tournaments. The website is light and extremely user-friendly and also has dedicated pages for cricket insight needs.

Visit website: 

Download the App (for Android):

Some other prominent cricket live line website and mobile app similar to Cricket Line Guru:


CricTez for Android

CricTez is a cricket app which is currently the leading live cricket score application that provides fast live Cricket Score for all the matches. Through the app, the user can easily and instantly check all upcoming and past series & matches, live line score updates of on-going matches, accurate match odds and session along with full commentary for each activity during live matches and audio speech for all scores ball by ball. The application covers all cricket formats like T10, T20, ODI and Test. 

Additionally, the crictez has a prominent website which offers real-time and 100% accurate sports data feed solutions at affordable prices. Currently, they provide and offer Live score api, Live Game stats feeds, Historical Data, Prematch and In-play data api for all major sports and leagues. 

Visit website:

Download the App (for Android):

Cricket Exchange 

Cricket Exchange

Cricket Exchange is another favoured cricket sport website that shows live cricket match scores from hosts from the different cricket matches, only international level leagues. The website is fully dedicated so cricket fan users can visit the website to know the match scores of the on-going matches. 

Currently, at this date, you can only watch the live scores of the live match straight on the top of the screen of the website. 

Visit website:

Download the App (for Android):

Cricket Mazza 11

Cricket Mazza

Cricket Mazza 11 is a robust and state-of-the art cricket live line website that offers live cricket match scores before TV. Currently, they offer live stats for the Caribbean Premier League 2021, Zimbabwe tour of Ireland, 2021, New Zealand tour of Bangladesh, 2021 with ball-by -ball live scores along with player cards info. 

Additionally, the website also offers upcoming matches information as they have a dedicated new ‘Upcoming’ page where the user can easily get the notification of all the upcoming cricket league matches with date, time, and standings. 

Visit website:

Download the App (for Android):



Cricbuzz is yet another live cricket streaming website that is built with one aim to offer live scores on featured matches. The website has coverage of all International cricket, IPL, BBL, CPL, Natwest T20 Blast and other major cricket tournaments across the world. 

Cricbuzz also has Live Cricket Scores & News application for both Android and iOS but it is not a live line app which fails to offer faster cricket match scores than TV. 

Visit website:

Download the App (for Android):

Users Involved in the Business Flow of the App

Users Involved in the Business Flow of the App

After reading some popular live line cricket apps, let’s understand who are the users of this application. 

Generally, the cricket fan users are the ultimate users of such applications. Everyone loves cricket and these apps provide superfast cricket match scores before TV. 

Here is the snippet of the users involved in the cricket live line application: 

Typically, there are only user entities measured so far. The first is, Front-End Mobile Users and the second, Admin of the Application. 

  • Front End Users: Front end mobile app users who watch fixtures, scorecards, live commentary ball by ball and other cricket data for FREE.
  • Admin: Manage the CMS section and advertisement on the app to earn revenue.

Basic Functions and Features performed by the users:

  1. Live matches scores 
  2. Complete Scorecard 
  3. Last wicket 
  4. Ball by ball live line
  5. Last 36 balls stats
  6. Upcoming and Past matches 
  7. Final match result stats

Furthermore, the application consists of informative tabs to offer the following features: 

Home Menu

  • Multiple Live Matches
  • Upcoming and Finished matches

Series Menu 

  • Series info and stats
  • Points table and Teams Squads

Fixtures Menu

  • Days-wise, Series-wise and Teams-wise matches
  • Matches are further classified into International, T20, ODI, Test, League and Women

News Menu 

  • Latest News
  • Trendy Editorials

More Menu

  • ICC Men’s Ranking
  • ICC Women’s ranking
  • Change app language
  • Details about Premium version

Advanced Functions and Features to add more value to your app like Cricket Live Line business

Well, you know how cricket live line applications work and are also aware of some popular live cricket streaming websites and applications. 

If you’re thinking of starting your own cricket score business by developing one great and feasible cricket live line application then you should consider adding these features and functions to appeal to more audiences. 

  • Provide last 36 balls data.
  • Provide T10 and other major leagues.
  • Session up-down indicator.
  • Notification & Polls.
  • Real Time win percentage.
  • Detailed scorecard with wicket description and partnership stats.
  • Dark & Light Theme.
  • Live cricket match line exchange.
  • Complete match scorecard with ball by ball fast commentary.
  • Alerts & notifications of live and upcoming matches.
  • Rankings, Stats, and Records.
  • Polls of all upcoming and recent matches.
  • List of all upcoming and past series.
  • List of all cricket players and details of each player.
  • List of upcoming and recent matches of all teams.
  • All T20, ODI and Test Matches.
  • Special content for major tournaments like ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, IPL etc.
  • Extensive coverage of all International cricket, IPL, BBL, CPL, Natwest T20 Blast and other major cricket tournaments across the world.
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Benefits of Developing your own Cricket Live Line Website & Mobile Apps like Cricket Line Guru

There are several benefits you deploy when developing a personal cricket live line app like Cricket line guru. These applications are very popular today and sports industries are looking forward to it aggressively to earn billion-dollar simultaneously interacting with their fans. 

  1. Increases Team Spirit

Sports application keeps the energy and solidarity in any event, when a fan is absent at the ground. During the covid pandemic days, such technology acceptance increased quickly and proved best for both fans and team. 

  1. Keeps Your Fans Hooked

Sports application hooked game lovers to remain refreshed with everything about a live game. They offer them data like live score, the number of goals, the winning odds, and so on. It additionally assists individuals with knowing the victor of the occasion by sending them customary updates.

  1. Provides The Tailored Content

People constantly need to run over all the verifiable and solid data when it shows up at their favourite game’s status. A sports application like CricTez Cricket live score app has every feature to keep a fan refreshed by offering every one of the information which is going on in the game for example live updates.

  1. Improves Fan Interaction
Indian Cricket fans

Sporting applications can draw together a large number of group related substances in one spot, and permits them to collaborate with one another with regards to everything from news, videos, and photographs, to details and fixtures.

  1. A Strong Marketing Tool

Having a personal cricket application invites a huge audience as the cricket fan base is very big across the globe. This will help you in marketing your business ideas and promotion of new products or services. 

How to Earn Money from a Cricket Live Line Website & Mobile Apps like Cricket Line Guru

When you decide to build an amazing cricket live line website similar to Cricket Line Guru the ideal objective is double the ROI. 

Initially, you need to invest a big amount to give a good start to your cricket live line business. 

However, there are already big brands in the global market, so the competition is tough but not so serious as people switch very quickly if they aren’t happy with the provider. 

Talking about Cricket Line Guru application which is a billion dollar enterprise at today’s time would be a good referral to know how they earn money. 

  • In-app Advertising: The most prominent ways to earn money from new cricket live line application is thinking of In-app promotion where advertisers serve ads on their apps for compensation.
  • Subscription Plans: Another premium way to earn money through making app users subscribe and pay a monthly fee (or annual fee) for accessing the mobile app. 
  • Premium Membership: Premium membership is a way to attract more audience members to earn more money by making them feel like royalty and offer advanced features that a standard member doesn’t have at all.
  • Paid Versions: This is also known as premium apps where users pay money to download the application from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.
  • Discount & Offers: Offer crazy discounts and offers to your loyalty programs since this technique is holistic yet profiting for businesses. 

Technology Stack to Develop Cricket Live Line Website & Mobile Apps like Cricket Line Guru

To develop an cricket live line application exactly as equal to Cricket Line Guru, you need a good amount of budget as well as developers who are expert in the versatile technology stacks. 

Following are the names of technology platforms that need good quantifying knowledge to make cricket live line website in real. 

No.1 – Front-End Development (JQuery, AngularJS, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap)

No.2 – Back-End Development (Node.js)

No.3 – Android App Development (Kotlin and Java)

No.4 – iOS App Development (Swift)

No.5 – Database (MongoDB, Mysql, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration)

No.6 – Cloud Environment (Aws, Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Cloud Foundry)

No.7 – Real-Time Analytics (Hadoop, Spark, Big Data, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM)

No.8 – Notifications (Firebase Cloud Messaging)

No.9 – Push Notifications (Twilio, Push.IO, Amazon SNS, Urban Airship, Map, Adpush, Apache Flink)

No.10 – SMS integration for OTP (Nexmo, Twilio)

No.11 – Payment Integration (Braintree, Paypal, Stripe, E-Wallets, E-Banking, PayUmoney)

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How much does it cost to develop Cricket Live Line Website & Mobile Apps like Cricket Line Guru

As I said earlier, you need an adequate amount of money when you’re thinking about developing a mobile app like Cricket Line Guru or others. 

These apps are not static at all, although they have multiple screen and wide array function and features available for users which would take handsome money to get it developed in real life. 

Let me give a basic idea regarding cost to develop an application. 

First, the cost of developing Android and iOS based applications depends on several factors such as type, platform, hours, number of screens, country, and company policy. 

  • Type of App – Simple
  • Platform – iOS and Android
  • Design – Classic
  • Time (in hours) – 500 to 800 hours
  • Time (in months) – 3 to 6 months 

And finally the country where you are looking to develop. 

  • Cost of development in USA at an rate of ($50 to $150) = $25000 to $120000
  • Cost of development in UK at an rate of ($50 to $100) = $25000 to $80000
  • Cost of development in Europe at an rate of ($40 to $60) = $20000 to $48000
  • Cost of development in India at an rate of ($20 to $50) = $10000 to $40000

Note: Prices above are based on one platform & based on a guess estimate.

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Cost of Developing Cricket Live Line Website & Mobile Apps With CricTez 

Want to develop your application at low-cost? CricTez is the best place to get a mobile app developed at an extremely fair price. 

Here is the exact (no bluff) estimate for developing a cricket live line website and mobile app similar to Cricket Line Guru. 

With Basic Features*
Website Development Cost$5,000 within 4 months
Native Mobile Android & iOS App Cost$15,000 within 4 months
Total Cost$20,000 within 4 months
With Basic + Advance Features*
Website Development Cost$10,000 within 4 months
Native Mobile Android & iOS App Cost$25,000 within 4 months
Total Cost$30,000 within 4 months

P.S. The cost of developing an app and website is affected by numerous factors, but a simple feature app and web may cost you as estimated above. However, the cost may increase if you wish to implement more advanced or extra features.

In the end… 

The development of a good website and application requires a skilled and dedicated team of developers, project managers, and designers as well as the use of the latest technologies.

We have the best skilled developers with an average experience of 7 years. We approach a dedicated methodology to achieve app design, development, testing, and deployment. 

Interested! Contact Us, Today. 

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